PHP and MySQL are most popular open source technologies in this time. PHP is one of the best open source scripting language that used to develop website and web applications.

My SQL is most powerful and popular open source database server built on RDBMS (Relation database management system) and capable to manage and handling large database.

When combined together, these technologies can provide you most powerful platform. And Expert developer can build capable and powerful web application.

PHP and MySQL are referred as a development tool.

These are open sources means they are free development tools and there is large community of programmers who make improvements and are continuously adding features.


  • Introduction of PHP
  • Environment Setup
  • Syntax Overview
  • Variables Types
  • Constants
  • Operator Types
  • Loop Types
  • Arrays & Strings
  • Web Concept
  • GET & POST
  • File Inclusion
  • Cookies & Sessions
  • Sending Email
  • File Uploading
  • Coding Standards
  • Predefined Variables
  • Regular Expression
  • Error Handling
  • Bugs Handling
  • Bugs Debugging
  • Date & Time
  • PHP & MySQL
  • PHP & AJAX
  • PHP & XML
  • Object Oriented
  • Form Validation
  • Form Handling
  • Login Example
  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Late static binding
  • Magic methods & Overloading
  • Class Auto loading
  • PHP Data Objects (PDO)
  • Image Manipulation
  • Admin Panel
  • Introduction of Wordpress
  • Backend Functions
  • Dashboard
  • Theme Development
  • Directory & Files Structure
  • Template Hierarchy
  • Codex
  • Wordpress Functions
  • Widgets
  • Menus
  • Action
  • Filters
  • Hooks
  • Custom Post Type
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Creating plugins

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